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Why Openness in Education is essential - Martin Dougiamas

As the founder and CEO of Moodle, the most-used education platform in the world (and open source like Nextcloud), Martin is committed to making sure the world always has Open alternatives for all the technology and resources needed in education. In this presentation, he'll talk about some of the current industry trends and the technology battles that are taking place around us right now.


Martin Dougiamas

Dr. Martin Dougiamas is the founder and CEO of the open-source Moodle software project launched in 1999, which includes Moodle LMS, MoodleNet, MoodleCloud, Moodle Workplace and more. He continues to guide and grow the enterprise with the support of 80 team members globally, 90 Moodle Partner companies, thousands of collaborators, and hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Martin has two honorary doctorates, is a director of Open Education Global, and the founder of a new Open Edtech association ( to promote and support open source companies working in education to provide complete, high-quality, ethical, lasting educational technology solutions to power education into the future.

Keynote from the Nextcloud Conference. Learn more at
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