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Introducing Nextcloud Hub 6: Healthy meeting culture and the first local AI Assistant

🎉 Introducing Nextcloud Hub 6!

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Welcome from the Nextcloud Conference 2023
01:50 Nextcloud's Core Values
02:57 Challenges and Solutions: Privacy and Data Sovereignty First
05:11 Introducing Nextcloud Hub 6
06:27 Nextcloud Files
12:21 Nextcloud Talk
17:33 Nextcloud Groupware
20:05 Nextcloud Office and Collaboration
27:14 AI: Introducing your Nextcloud Assistant
34:18 Nextcloud Assistant: Your Everyday Workflow
37:36 New Integrations: Slack, Pexip, and Microsoft
40:31 The 🤖 Are Coming: Automations via Chat Bots and Webhooks
41:57 OCS: Open Collaboration Services and OpenAPI
44:16 New Developer Ecosystem: Develop Nextcloud Apps in Any Language
47:51 Healthy Meeting Culture in Hub 6
55:46 Summary and Conclusion

This latest release presents many noteworthy features and innovations, as well as a focus theme: Healthy Meeting Culture.

We focused on supporting user-centric usability improvements based on extensive user feedback, reducing cognitive load, friction in everyday tasks and user patterns, and adding efficiencies - even automations - to your workflows within Nextcloud Hub.

A number of new AI-powered features rely on the integrated, industry-first on-premises Nextcloud Assistant, a large language model that enables users to summarize text or email threads, change writing to be more or less formal, translate chat messages, and more.

The AI features are optional and administrators have a choice between various open source on-premises and SaaS solutions, including ChatGPT, Deep-L and more.

Nextcloud's Ethical AI rating system provides transparency in the privacy and data sovereignty implications of the various AI options - as usual, you are in control.

In a major development, Nextcloud Hub 6 introduces a new app ecosystem innovation: the ability to build Nextcloud apps in languages other than PHP.

Apps can be written in any REST-supporting language, and a convenience library was built for Python, with two example apps. The new architecture offers significant stability, security, API longevity, and scalability benefits.

Nextcloud Hub 6 is available immediately for upgrade, and download:

Read more about the newest features available in Nextcloud Hub 6:

Jos Poortvliet - Co-founder and Director Marketing
Fabrice Mous - Marketing Manager
Nimisha Vijay - User Experience and Interface Designer
Neha Mishra - Marketing Manager
Fyruz Binte Wahid - Sales Account manager
Brent Gervais - Marketing Manager North America

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