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Collabora Online - Michael Meeks

Come hear about the amazing work we’ve done to improve Collabora Online with Nextcloud!
The improvements are everywhere:
* see the new off-line mobile apps working together, with a great new simplified mobile UX.
* Hear about how we integrated with Nextcloud Hub for a smooth one-click install for smaller deployments.
* See our work over the last year to make the combined user experience more beautiful to match the users’ taste.
* Hear about some powerful new collaboration features and the latest in CODE 6.4

And see how Collabora can rock your world, delivering digital privacy alongside Nextcloud!


Michael Meeks
Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic Open Source developer. He is the General Manager of Collabora Productivity, leading our Collabora Online and Office products, supporting customers and consulting on development alongside an extremely talented team. He serves as a Director of The Document Foundation, and on the LibreOffice Engineering Steering Committee; he has contributed to both ODF and OOXML standardization. Prior to Collabora, he was a Novell/SUSE Distinguished Engineer working on various pieces of Free Software infrastructure across the Linuxstack to MeeGo, GNOME, CORBA, Nautilus, Evolution and Open Source accessibility, among others.


Lightning talk from the Nextcloud Conference. Learn more at
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