OpenProject Work Packages

OpenProject work packages, task management, issue management. Find out more on how to create and manage work packages in OpenProject:

0:05 What are work packages and work package types?
0:23 Create a new work package in your project.
1:29 Create a work package in the list view.
1:41 Change the order of work packages in the list view with drag and drop.
1:47 Open and edit a work package.
2:08 Open the details view of a work package.
2:46 Track work package activites (change history and comments).
3:09 Add watchers (keep informed about changes).
3:17 Create and manage work package relations (parent-child or other).
3:43 Further advanced work packages settings: change project, copy a work package, delete a work package, and more.
3:52 Edit several work packages at once: bulk options.
4:15 Filter work packages, create and save custom views.
4:53 Change the work package list view: adapt columns, filter, group the work package list.
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