Create and share your project documentation and other important information together with your team in a project wiki. All changes are always visible and closely linked to the other project management functions.

With the OpenProject wiki you can:
✅ create texts and format it with the toolbar,
✅ insert texts and images with copy and paste,
✅ paste formatted text directly from MSOffice documents,
✅ create a page hierarchy by inserting parent pages,
✅ add wiki pages to the project menu,
✅ use makros to include, e.g. table of contents, work packages lists or Gantt charts,
✅ include wiki pages in other text fields, e.g. project overview or meetings,
✅ reference work packages in the project with "#"+ticket number,
✅ include links to other documents,
✅ view the change history,
✅ view as Mardown.
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