Demo - Views in Mattermost Boards - Request for Feedback - August 25, 2022

For the Mattermost open source project we're doing an "Open Source Design Studio". This is sharing recordings of ideas and design changes we're considering, and asking for community comments and feedback.

- Do you agree on the problem we're trying to solve, and direction?
- Would you suggest a different direction?

Please let us know your thoughts in comments below, and like and subscribe if you'd like to see more videos and interactions like this.

Today's topic is "Views in Boards". When you want to visualize a Mattermost Boards project in a table, a column view, a gallery or a calendar--with optionally applied grouping, filters and sorting--today you choose your view using the left-hand sidebar navigation.

For heavy Boards users, who also organize board in categories, this visualization can start to get overwhelming. We're exploring different ways to solve the problem, both from other products on the market and our own ideation.

Let us know what you think!

Also, check out the Mattermost Board source code at

More links to get involved with our open source community:

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