Before I do anything with VMware ESXi I do this first

For those that are running VMware ESXi in their home lab or production environments, there are many configurations that you will likely want to make on your ESXi host. Many of the configuration changes that need to be made will help to prepare your host for high availability, proper time synchronization, network configuration, storage, licensing, and adding your ESXi hosts to vCenter Server. In this video, I cover the first things I do on a VMware ESXi installation.

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Introduction to configuration changes to VMware ESXi - 0:00
Configuring the management interface - 0:48
Describing the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) - 1:12
Configuring the management network - 1:33
Network adapter configuration - 1:45
Adding an additional network adapter for the management interface - 2:00
Configuring a specific VLAN for management traffic - 2:32
Setting a static IP address - 3:39
DNS configuration and DNS servers - 3:52
Setting the hostname - 4:00
DNS suffixes for DNS search suffixes - 4:13
Applying the changes and restarting the management network - 4:35
Logging into the ESXi host client - 4:55
Enabling SSH on your ESXi host - 5:12
Testing SSH connectivity to the ESXi host - 5:24
Patching the VMware ESXi host - 5:35
Software profiles and how they are used - 5:58
Getting the software profile - 6:06
Using the esxcli software profile update to update the ESXi server - 7:01
Setting the NTP server configuration in VMware ESXi - 7:35
Starting the NTP service - 8:38
Pointing your ESXi host to a syslog server - 9:03
Restarting the syslog service - 9:46
Adding the software iSCSI adapter - 9:54
Configuring iSCSI software adapter - 10:33
Adding a standalone ESXi host to a vCenter Server - 11:20
Beginning the add host wizard in vSphere Client to add to vCenter Server - 12:05
Behavior of the host after first adding to vCenter Server - 13:05
Adding VMkernel adapters in vSphere on your ESXi hosts - 13:29
Beginning the process to add VMkernel adapters and IP addresses - 14:00
Configuring the port properites - 14:25
Licensing the ESXi host - 15:22
Adding the license in the host client - 15:48
Adding a license in vCenter Server - 16:20
Concluding thoughts on ESXi settings I add on my VMware ESXi hosts - 17:32

VMware ESXi 8.0 Host client 2:

Upgrade to ESXi 8.0 in three ways:

VMware vSphere 8 download links:
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